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Conference “Accelerated rTMS in depression: what did brain imaging teach us?”

The modified Transcranial Accelerated Repetitive Magnetic Stimulation (arTMS) protocol, in which several daily sessions are administered, reducing the total stimulation time from a few weeks to a few days, The clinical effects have been found to be similar, if not better, than conventional daily stimulation protocols, which typically last four to six weeks.

The neural mechanisms of action behind this rapid reduction of depressive symptoms and suicidal thoughts have yet to be determined.

The presentation focuses on how active and placebo-accelerated rTMS protocols can influence/predict brain processes involved in reducing depressive symptoms.

Chris Baeken, Psychiatrist and Co-Director of the

(University of Ghent, Belgium) will present the results of his research.

Specialized in mood disorders, he studies their pathophysiology and the brain mechanisms of emotional processes using non-invasive neuromodulation (rTMS) and neuroimaging techniques (MRI, fMRI, PET).

IRM coil PsyR2

Conference in English, presented by Prof Chris BAEKEN,

Thursday, October 13 between 1 pm and 2:30 pm

Michel Jouvet neurocampus, building 462 of Centre Hospitalier Le Vinatier (Bron)

In person and by videoconference. Registration recommended at:


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