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Our work

Located in the CH Le Vinatier, PsyR² is a team at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (CRNL) that develops research dedicated to psychiatric disorders. It combines the expertise of clinical researchers and basic neuroscience researchers for a synergy between basic and clinical research. 

Our project is organized around three axes of research, each exploring the neurophysiological mechanisms underlying an essential cognitive domain of human functioning:

At the cerebral level, these three domains rely on overlapping cortical-subcortical circuits. Our central hypothesis is that specific dysfunctions within these cortical-subcortical loops underlie identifiable clinical expressions in the cognitive domains considered. Our hypotheses will be evaluated in a transdiagnostic and longitudinal approach, that is to say in healthy subjects, at risk or presenting a psychiatric disorder at different stages of evolution.

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The societal and economic impacts of our project extend to several levels:

  1. reward processing

  2. reality monitoring 

  3. emotion regulation

Therapeutic developments, for example non-invasive brain stimulation techniques (such as rTMS, tDCS), or psychotherapeutic programs based on emotional regulation.

Identification of biomarkers in the screening of subjects at risk (prevention) or to measure the effectiveness of psychiatric therapies.

Our work

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