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Reward processing:

Set of brain mechanisms that underlie the processes of pleasure, motivation and decision-making

axis carriers

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Professor Benjamin


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Doctor Guillaume


Effects of acute ethanol and/or diazepam exposure on immediate and delayed hippocampal metabolite levels in rats anesthetized with isoflurane. 

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Pathological gambling:


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Treatment of reward sensitive to the pharmacological manipulation of dopamine:

Amplified Striatal Responses to Near-Miss Outcomes in Pathological Gamblers.

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the site of the lyon addictology hospital-university services


Processing reward 

The objectives of axis 1 are:

  1. better characterize brain mechanisms that underlie reward and motivation processes in healthy individuals, and

  2. of identify their dysfunction(s) through various psychiatric disorders, in particular addictions with or without substances.


For this, we use amulti-level approach, the study of neurotransmission to that of behaviour, as well as a variety of tools, from the brain imaging to the neuropsychology and  psychopharmacology.

Our long-term goal is to contribute to the development of a more personalized approach to addiction treatment.  

Main objective :
Investigate the relationship between reward processing, DA transmission and fronto-striatal connectivity

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