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AXIS 2: 
Reality monitoring

Our axis focuses on the reality monitoring, which is a cognitive process involved in attributing the origin (source) of a memory or mental experience. This process is crucial in everyday situations to distinguish fantasy from reality.

For example, have you ever wondered if amemory was real or only imagined? if you closed the door this morning or only imagined doing it?

The objective of our axis project is to understand the cerebral mechanisms of reality monitoring and, more precisely, to unravel the underlying neural, neurochemical and cognitive mechanisms (low and high cognitive levels).


To do this, we conduct a series of studies on healthy populations as well as on specific patient populations that are deficient in this notion of imaginary/reality, such as patients with schizophrenia and auditory hallucinations. More specifically, we explore the mechanisms underlying reality monitoring:

  • to neurochemical level using pharmacological manipulation approaches

  • to brain level using a dynamic approach combining anatomical and functional neuroimaging investigations with non-invasive brain stimulation

  • to cognitive level by testing the contribution of low-level cognitive processes to reality-checking abilities

General Purpose: 
Establish the relationships between source memory, DA transmission and fronto-temporal integrity

Reality monitoring:

The ability to distinguish memories between events that were truly perceived from events that were only imagined.


Ex: Did I see my friend lock the door this morning, or did I just imagine it?

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Dr Frederic


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Dr Marine


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