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Scientific day on Mental Imagery

| ScienceDay | With financial support from the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) and the Neurosciences Research Center of Lyon, Marine Mondino, Cécilia Neige and Hatim Afri from PsyR2 organized the Interdisciplinary Day on Mental Imagery on June 20, at the CRNL neurocampus .

As the name of the day suggests, the main objective was to approach the subject of mental imagery from an interdisciplinary point of view. With speakers from the fields of cognitive neuroscience, philosophy, sports science and psychology , we believe we have achieved this objective.

Here is a breakdown of the morning with 2 conferences and 4 flash talks:


  • Capturing the imagination: Understanding and measuring individual differences in visual imagery and congenital aphantasia - Dr Rebecca Keogh (Macquarie University, Australia)


  • Aphantasia: the challenge that philosophers haven't imagined - Dr Steve Humbert-Droz (University Geneva)


  • Uncovering spatial and verbal cognitive profiles in aphantasia through unsupervised clustering - Maël Delem (Doctoral student - Laboratory for the Study of Cognitive Mechanisms - University Lyon 2)


  • Are there nonconscious visual images in aphantasia? Development of an implicit priming paradigm - Dr Gaën Plancher (Laboratory for the Study of Cognitive Mechanisms - University Lyon 2 & Institut Universitaire France)


  • Neurophysiological characteristics of motor imagery, action observation and action language: the case of aphantasia - Dr William Dupont (post-doctoral fellow - Psychology and Neurocognition laboratory Université Grenoble Alpes)


  • Probing and Neuromodulating Mental Training Capacities In Aphantasia - Hatim Afri (master 2 in the PsyR2 team at CRNL)

Then a look back at the afternoon presentations with 2 conferences and 3 flash talks!


  • Boosting the brain: questioning the benefits of concomitant stimulations to improve the effectiveness of motor imagery - Pr Aymeric Guillot (Université Lyon1)


  • Mental Imagery and Mental Health - Pre Emily Holmes, videoconference (the Department of Women's and Children's Health Uppsala University, Sweden)


  • Involuntary and voluntary musical mental imagery: interindividual differences - Nathalie Costecalde (Student at the Conservatory) & Dr Anne Caclin (Researcher and co-leader of the Perception, Attention, Memory - PAM team at CRNL)


  • Reducing cybersickness by pleasant visuo-olfactory evocation - Dr Luca Fantin (post-doctoral CRNL)


  • Modulating the distinction between imagination and reality in schizophrenia - Mélanie Perret (Doctoral student in the PsyR2 team at CRNL)


At the end of this day, we would like to thank everyone present (in the room and on video!) for their attentive listening and numerous discussions. A special thank to the speakers for the quality of their presentations!

We would also like to thank the CRNL again for allowing us to organize this day, as well as the ANR .


Feedback in pictures:


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